The German Market

Market development:

Germany has a total of about 2 million students enrolled at a total number of 376 institutions of Higher (tertiary) Education, including 102 Universities with 1,4 million students and 170 Universities of Applied Sciences with 500,000 students. Other types of institutions are Universities of Education, Colleges of Aft and Music and Universities of Administrative Sciences. 63 out of the 376 institutions are private universities, 41 are church-maintained colleges.

The German international student market has been growing steadily over the last years and is the largest in Europe (with approximately 85,000 students studying abroad in 2006). The majority of the students (ca. 80%) are interested in a one to two semester Study Abroad program and wish to complete their degree in Germany afterwards. The other 20% are Master and Bachelor applicants.


The popularity of the one to two semester Study Abroad programs is mainly based in the funding situation in Germany: There is a means-tested funding scheme (Bafoeg), which about 25% of the German student population receive. This funding scheme allows for one to two study abroad semesters and pays for a maximum of 4,600 EUR towards the tuition fees in total for both semesters, additionally there are payments towards the living and travelling costs.