The Danish Market

Market development:

Denmark has a total of about 210.000 students enrolled at institutions of Higher (tertiary) Education, including 8 universities and 10 University Colleges.

The Danish market for studying internationally is growing rapidly and is the fastest growing in Europe. In 2007 about 8,100 Danish students were studying abroad. By international standards, this is a very high percentage of the total student population. Most students are looking for one or two semester Study Abroad programs, but an increase in full degree students (especially postgraduate) is expected over the coming years.


A main factor in this development is the change in the government funding system which was implemented in 2008. The system, which is open to all students  allows funding to study outside of Denmark for up to 2 years – for Study Abroad (undergraduate and postgraduate) and full Masters programs. Danish students now receive funding per semester of up to 9,500 EUR (full grant) plus 1,500 EUR in loans. The funding varies depending on the field of study. On top of this Danish students can apply for a wide range of private scholarships supporting international student mobility.