Notice of liability

Whilst all care is given, we cannot assume any liability for the content of the linked pages. Only the hosts are responsible for their contents.


1. Website content
The author does not assume any guarantee for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the given information. Liability claims against the author, which are referred to disprofit in a material or imaginary kind and caused by the use or non-use of defective and imperfect information, are strictly excluded, as far as there is no intended or gross negligent, which is caused by the author, proven. All offers are without engagement and without obligation. The author is explicitly allowed to modify, to add or to delete parts of the pages or the complete offer or to close the publications temporarily or definitely.
2. Links
At direct or indirect links to extern websites ("hyperlinks"), which are not in the area of responsibility, the author's liability will explicit have effect, if he knows about the contents and if it is possible for him to avoid the usage of illegal contents. Herewith, the author declares explicitly, that, at the moment, the links were set, there were no illegal contents on the linked pages unknowable. According to the current and future designing, the contents or the authorship of the linked pages, the author has no influence. Because of that, he distances himself from all contents of all linked pages, which have been modified after linking. This declaration applies for all links set in the own internet presence. The provider of the linked pages himself is liable for defects, caused by illegal, defective or imperfect contents, and not that one, who merely links the pages.
3. Copyright and trademark legislation
The author aspires to observe the copyright of the used graphics, audio and video clips and texts, to use self-made graphics, audio and video clips and texts or fall back on public domain graphics, audio and video clips and texts. All, in the internet presence, named and as the case may be saved trademarks by a third party are absolutely liable to the right of the at any one time trademark legislation and the right of ownership of the particular owner. Solely of the naming, one should not draw the conclusion that the trademark is not saved by a third party! The copyright of public, self-made objects persists to the page’s author. A duplication or usage of such graphics, audio and video clips and texts in other electronic or printed publications are not allowed without the explicit author's agreement.
4. Legal effects of this document
This disclaimer has to be considered as a part of the internet presence, from which has been linked to this pages. As far as parts or single phrases of this text do not comply with legal requirements any longer or in parts the other document's parts are not affected according to their contents.